In the end, Du Jiu Sheng couldnt convince her and could only helplessly shake his head as he said to her with a smile, Really a foolish Xiao Qing..

There was a gentle tone to his voice when he said this and a slight ambiguity.

Luo Qing Chen just said see you tomorrow before disappearing from the room.

There was a strange feeling that spread from the bottom of her heart.

Although there was no system here, Du Jiu Sheng should be the male lead!

The next morning, Luo Qing Chen and him prepared their necessary items and headed off to the airport.

After arriving at the airport, Du Jiu Sheng looked at Luo Qing Chen beside him and said, Mister X should know that that Destiny Life Map is a fake by now.

This fast? Luo Qing Chen knit her brows and asked, So is there another use to the fake Destiny Life Map?

Wherever Luo Zi Jun took it, it should have cracked all the passwords. Du Jiu Shengs eyes had a faint sparkle as he said, That way we can just pick an identity to enter the base with.

At the same time, at the shadow organization base.

Luo Zi Jun was trembling as she knelt on the ground with a pale face. Half an hour ago, she was proudly holding the other half of the Destiny Life Map and was asking to see mister X.

She never would have thought that her situation half an hour later would become this dangerous.

After a while, the female agent beside mister X came in front of her and threw down a dagger, Do it yourself!

No! Luo Zi Jun desperately shook her head and said, Someone must have framed me..They must have..

She never thought that by casually touching a book, the bookshelf would suddenly open.

She had really naively thought that even god was helping her!

She never knew that she was bringing the sheep into the tigers mouth.

The female agent looked down slightly and lifted her chin, Mister X never listens to nonsense, do you want to do it yourself or should I do it?

Mister X. Luo Zi Jun desperately cried out, My big sister wants to betray you, she personally told me this!

Changing the topic was her best skill.

And this method worked most of the time.

For example, now.

When the female agents dagger was about to see blood, mister Xs voice slowly sounded.

Is this true?

It was like Luo Zi Jun heard her saviours voice and she crawled forward on the ground as she said, Its true! Its definitely true! My big sister told me that she couldnt take the organizations control and wanted to leave! This is why Zi Jun wrote that secret letter and the reason why theres a conflict between me and her!

Based on what can you prove this? Mister Xs voice was very cold, but he half believed Luo Zi Juns words.

It wasnt what she said, but rather that Luo Qing Chen had never contacted the organization after leaving for C City.

Her watch still showed signs of life, which meant that she was still alive.

An agent that was alive didnt immediately contact the organization, the only possibility was

She had betrayed them!

Im willing to go to C City again to obtain information for the organization and get the real Destiny Life Map. She bit her lip as she said this word for word, If I fail this time, its up to mister X to decide my fate.

Alright, Ill give you one more chance. After a while, the light behind the screen disappeared and mister X stood to leave.

The female agent gave a shrug. She dropped the dagger with a look of disdain as she looked at Luo Zi Jun crawling on the ground and said, You really arent even half of what your big sister is.

Luo Zi Jun tightly bit her lip as she looked down with eyes filled with killing intent.