The forbidden military zone.

They were observing the surrounding actions through a telescope not far away. Luo Qing Chen was in a prepared state, waiting for sir heads orders to immediately make a move.

She never thought that she would hear something incredible from Du Jiu Sheng.

The sun is setting, lets go eat dinner! After saying this, he packed up the telescope and walked over to the car.

He left Luo Qing Chen behind with a stunned expression.

No wonder he was wearing a suit, so he wasnt planning on acting today!

Luo Qing Chen tightly followed him and asked when she sat down in the passenger seat, Why arent you moving? If you dont act today, then your fake Destiny Life Map will have no use.

This was because mister X would definitely replace all the passwords. He had to take advantage of the time when the programmers hadnt changed the passwords yet to execute his plan.

I understand him better than you. He started the car with a fascinating look in his eyes as he said, If we were to enter the military zone today, the chance of us successfully stealing the Destiny Life Map and leaving percent.

Then what did you come here for? I know this place, theres no need to scout it! When Luo Qing Chen knew that they were just here to scout, black lines appeared on her head and countless crows cried out inside her world.

Truly a foolish Xiao Qing.. Du Jiu Sheng took a sharp turn and an almost perfect smile appeared as he said, I was afraid you would be unsettled if we didnt come.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned and she was completely silent.

This head was different from what she imagined, he was sometimes cold and sometimes careful.

But he wasnt stern and even broke out in laughter from time to time.

Two hours later, the two of them came to an upscale western restaurant.

In front of the window on the second floor, Luo Qing Chen watched Du Jiu Sheng elegantly eat a steak in front of her without a single sense of urgency.

Du Jiu Sheng saw her not moving her knife and fork and asked, Are you not hungry?

No! She instantly answered his question.

Her words were filled with power!

He looked at her expression and chewed his steak while saying, Its about to be eight, you have five minutes.

Ah? Luo Qing Chens expression suddenly became interested. She raised a brow as she asked, Is it time to move? Its a good thing you have another method?

This. His lips curled into a faint smile as he looked up and said, This restaurant will be performing Heavenly Girl Scattering Flowers at eight, its quite good!

He, he, he. She quickly gave two awkward laughs before stabbing her steak and saying, Sorry, Im not interested.

Without knowing why, perhaps it was because she was a special agent in this world, she had never been interested in things that normal girls liked as the hard training from her youth flashed in her mind.

Du Jiu Sheng finished his steak and took out a new pair of knife and fork. He cut her steak as he said, Eat a bit more, otherwise everything will be closed when you want to eat at night.

Sir head is planning on staying here to watch the performance? She came closer and said, Shouldnt we head back earlier to get up earlier..Wu..

There was a large piece of the steak that was placed in her mouth, not letting her say another word.

Du Jiu Sheng looked at her and said, Quickly eat, theres still five seconds.

She said in her heart: No! No! I will slowly eat! I dont like watching performances!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Peng! There was a loud gunshot and the twentieth floors window shattered to pieces.

It was a different kind of scattering flowers..

Luo Qing Chen was stunned as she swallowed the piece of steak.