In an instant, the beautiful scene of the twentieth floor filled her eyes.

The surrounding people fell into a panic and several security guards surrounded a man in a white suit, protecting him.

Is the performance beautiful? Du Jiu Shengs eyes were sparkling. He picked up the glass of orange juice in front of him and put the strong in her mouth, as his other hand went to the other side of her face, protecting her from the shattered glass.

At that moment, she was stunned in place. She unconsciously took a sip of the orange juice and stared into his eyes in a daze.

The faint night light without the window shined onto Du Jiu Shengs face, as his eyes filled with a gentle look…

There was chaos around them, some were panicking and some were watching the play. The crowd kept moving around and the scene fell into chaos.

What is going on, what is happening?

God, save me! Theres so much broken glass!

Quickly, everyone gather together. Dont get close to the windows!

Luo Qing Chen suddenly stood up and unconsciously pulled Du Jiu Sheng over to a lamp post on the side. Her eyes narrowed as she looked out at a certain place in the night.

This upscale restaurant on the twentieth floor was already quite high. To see this position and to shoot at it, the snipe had to be in a higher position.

Looking around, there was a skyscraper that was twenty five floors high that could be used as a sniper point.

Luo Qing Chen turned to Du Jiu Sheng beside her and asked in a low voice with serious eyes, How high is this building?

Thirty floors. Du Jiu Sheng looked at her and said, You stay here and protect the man in the white suit, Ill go meet him.

Luo Qing Chens breath paused and she knit her brows. Thats right, the sniper had to be on top of a skyscraper.

She beautifully turned when Du Jiu Sheng wasnt prepared and took out the gun from the bag behind him before running off.

This was an assembled high precision sniper rifle. Luo Qing Chens mind turned, no wonder Du Jiu Sheng looked so calm just now, he had also been prepared.

Du Jiu Sheng watched Luo Qing Chens back as his dark as night eyes filled with a bottomless deepness. She really was worthy of being the number one agent of the shadow organization. Other than him and mister X, there was no one in this world who could keep up with her speed.

The reason why he and mister X were faster than her was because they were different from normal people.

His expression changed slightly. He didnt have time to think as he quickly followed her.

The wind by her ears became louder and the sky was covered in clouds, it seemed like a storm was coming.

Luo Qing Chen stood on the roof as the roaring wind blew past her.

She slightly knit her brows as she quickly found the location of the sniper. She raised the rifle in one motion without a single pause.

But she was nervous deep down.

This building was close to six hundred yards from the skyscraper on the other side. There were only three people who could hit their targets with a bullet from over six hundred yards.

One was mister X, one was Zuo Yu Chen, and another was a young soldier whose name she didnt know.

The reason why she didnt know this name was because Luo Qing Chen had never seen this persons name in the shadow organizations files before.

She didnt have time to think as she looked at the sniper through the scope.

What entered her eyes was Zuo Yu Chen. He didnt seem to notice and was looking somewhere else the entire time.

If she made a move, it would reveal the fact that she had betrayed them.

But carefully thinking about it, based on the fact that she didnt report even though she was alive, with mister Xs intelligence, he should have already guessed it.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Zuo Yu Chen in the scope and her lips curled into a faint smile.

The previous hosts grudge should be repaid..